I am back.

What would you do if you could boost youre mind to the point where you can really "SEE" the world around you? Would you like to have a bigger visual inteligence? Even a meatball would look to you as if it was a peace of art in the right light.
My ideea is to picture in picture in pictures the whole city and make a "virtual map" of Iasi at night.My imagination was "tickled" by a fine lady who launched a project and maybe I'll tell her about my ideea.
We would need a photo camera and a few nights of taking pictures.Pictures of the whole "center" of the town.Than scramble them to a virtual world.You can actually pick a character and walk around the city at night looking and visiting.

You may wonder of who's the brain beside this operation.Well ... she usually writes in english.

The other ideea is to make a huge puzzle out of some pictures of Iasi at night.Streets, buildings and the lights.
Though I'm still thinking about it.